together with Saygın Salgırlı & Eldritch Priest

Weirding Humanities

Weirding has no negativity such that it does not want to criticize and/or judge the intentions, ethics, and politics of the creative thinker-maker.  It takes the work as it is, and approaches indifferently whoever made it with whatever intentions with whichever the outcome there exists.  Weirding takes any aspect of any work, and weirds it.

Weirding does not want to “unsettle grounds”, because, weirdly, it does not accept the existence of any ground.

Weirding is the only mandate wierdology has.  If any of the already-weirded begins to sound normal, or  on its way to become normative, then it should undergo the process of weirdization or weirdification which would necessitate a thorough re-weirding.

Weirding flattens everything in every direction so that nothing remains unweirdable.  Losing dimensions, everything becomes a weird vector.  In that sense, weird is not a state but a capacity that that belongs to anything and everything. This implies that being weirded opens things to further weirdification in a continuous process of weirding that will result a body of weirdology by multiple lines of weirdification that while already sounding weird needs to become even weirder.

— Weird is not in any way essential. But anything that appears to be essential should be weirded—including the weird itself.

— The weird can only be indexed by becoming more so.

— Weirdiology acknowledges and appreciates the potential weirdness of every discipline.  In that sense, it defines its plane as trans- and inter-weirdal.

— Weird is not a pipe, and a pipe is not yet weird.

— We never know what weirding can do.

— And the weird does not have a mirror-stage because all that the weird can see in the mirror is the reflection of something unidentifiably weirder.

Some weirded quotes:

Weird is not a pipe, and a pipe is not yet weird.

We never know what weirding can do. / We never know what a weirded weirding can do… ad infinitum.

The most thought provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not weird enough.

To weird or not to weird, that’s what’s weird.

I weird therefore I weird.

The un-banality of the weird.

The weirdest thing about this weirding is the weirdness of it all.

Weird is not a colour.

Weirdlightenment is a release from self-incurred dullness.  Dullness is the inability to procure one’s own weirding without the direction of another.  Dare to weird!