Governmentalities of Diseases

This came out as a direct (I would say almost natural) extension of the outcomes of my previous research.  Here lies the question: if 1930s eugenics could be defined as an urban knowledge-practice, and thus could not be generalized as a governmental strategy to encompass the territory of the nation-state, then what was the knowledge-practice that governed that the rest of the country, and whether or not medicine (or medical community in their capacities as experts) had played any part in constructing any aspect of that?  When I say medical governance, I do not refer to the governing actions of those doctors (again, in the most extensive use of the term) who were appointed as governor-mayors to oversee the working of the cities, regions, villages.  Instead, I am referring to medical governmentalities in the strict literal sense of the concept: governing through medical practice-knowledge.

This line of research still continues albeit in a much more limited scope, and with a much slower pace than I thought it would be.